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X001-Embossed ball ornament
Yellow & Teal glaze
X002- Circle ornament
Cobalt Blue glaze
4 inches wide
X003- Ball ornament with raised design
Yellow green glaze

X004- Ball ornament
Hyacinth crystal glaze
X005- 3D ornament with gold highlights
Mottled light blue glaze
X006- Textured ball ornament
Blue Green crystal glaze
X007-Flat Ornament with raised
Blue Grey glaze
3 inches Long
X008-Flat Star Ornament with drop
Yellow speckled glaze
4 inches Long
X009-Flat Lace Design Ornament
Pale Green glaze
3 inches Long

W001 - Green tones on wooden rod

$55 SOLD
W002 - Blue tones
on wooden rod

W003 - Blue tones on wooden rod

$50 SOLD